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Misting Controller,Hybrid Mobile App and Cloud App Development on MVP Basis

Project Overview

The product is a misting device that produces the mist with a rotating cup (brushless motor) and the water is fed into the rotating cup via a water pump (stepper motor). The misting device is designed to come on in set intervals, e.g. 10 seconds every minute, but is changeable by the user.

Rich Barr
Internet of things
Year of Establishment

The challenge was to improve the function of the device, the rotary atomiser turns on for about 1 second (can be changed by user) before the water pump switches on and then the rotary atomiser turns off 1 second after the water pump switches off (can be changed by user). There is also a high voltage module that turns on at the same time as the rotary atomiser which makes the mist negatively charged.


A high level architecture of complete system was made along with the list of devices and resources needed. STM32 Firmware was used for speed controlling, ESP32 Firmware was used for control and monitoring sensors. Mobile app was made on React native and a cloud app was made for reports and status updates.

Our Process
System Architecture
User Interface Design
Embedded firmware development
Multiple QA/QC Session
Deployment on Google and Apple Store
Continuous Improvements
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Our Technology Stack.

STM32 STM32 Firmware
xcode-small Xcode
ESP32 ESP32 Firmware
android-studio Android Studio
About Us
The extensive development.

From the development front, we segregated the system into individual features. We then developed and tested them individually before moving on to the next feature. During every stage of the development process, our client, development, designing, and the testing team was continuously kept in the loop.

We came to RV Solutions with an idea of making an automated and smart mist controlling system. The system after development is more accurate and more gives all the necessary information in order to make a better product with less effort than before.
Rich Barr